Cobblestone Slipper for Pressure control & body slimming

 2,500.00  2,200.00

Natural Cobblestone Magnetic Therapy Massage Slippers for blood pressure and slimming body. For complete list of benefits, please visit this website: Benefits of foot Reflexology


  • Pebble massage shoes made of natural pebbles, arranged according to the sole points of scientific, through natural arc of the pebbles on the Plantar reflex zone massage stimulates foot points, so as to accelerate blood circulation, relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation, to reconcile the heart and the role of balancing yin and Yang.
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points and acupuncture regions in foot
  • Enable the body to contact nature directly to the facilitate static release
  • Elasticity , ventilation, dry and comfortable, Convex-concave Crude Paving stones
  • The massage heads are distributed and classified based on the acupuncture point of the foot

Foot is the second heart of the human body. There are more than 60 unids reaction region and 700 unids reaction tissue acupuncture points. Various diseases of the whole body can be through physical therapy by foot massage.